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30th November 2021 
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Weleda Products and Medicines

For the last 95 years Weleda have developed high quality natural, organic and holistic skin, body care and natural medicines that bring together mankind and nature and are tailored to the body’s specific needs.

Only the purest ingredients go into the products which are all made to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Weleda have only ever used plants and natural ingredients in their products and are certified 100% natural by Natrue

All Weleda products are therapeutic. This means they work to treat or maintain health and wellbeing.

You can now purchase all your Weleda products. gifts, medicines and Homeopathic Remedies through see my online shop

Please note that I offer a complimentary, no obligation 1:1 wellness review to access the best Weleda products and medicines for that may help you . These can be done by phone or via video link and take just 15/20 mins. Things that I may be able to help with are:

Stress and Anxiety
Muscular Aches and Pains
Digestive Issues
Products to support you in pregnancy or as a new Mum
Products to support your new baby
Coughs and Colds
Hayfever and Seasonal Allergies
Sensitive or Problem Skin
A review of your Facial Skincare requirements.
Menstrual and Menopausal concerns
Men's Health

Please feel free to contact me to book in.

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Testimonial of a Weleda Wellbeing Event

Mrs R from Berkshire
'I first went to a Weleda Wellbeing Event when my friend hosted one to raise money for a charity. I really liked the products and couldn’t believe that any company can quote a cosmetic product as being organic with only 1% organic ingredients inside! I really liked the fact that Weleda will not endorse a product as organic unless it has 100% organic ingredients inside.

My first step before booking the event was to see Wendy for a skincare analysis and free facial. Wendy was very thorough and we talked about which skincare products would work best for me. She told me off for using make-up remover wipes and explained how stripping they are for the skin yet great for getting stains out of the carpet! Instead, Wendy introduced me to using oil to remove make-up, including mascara. I have to be honest that I have never looked back since and my skin is so much better!

I decided to book a Winter Warmer Event, which included a foot spa for everyone and a mindfulness session. Well, it was beyond my expectations! Wendy took the time for me and all of my guests to try out the different products. She said to focus on the smell and see how it made us feel and choose accordingly. Easy to say but hard to do when they all smelt wonderful! We all sat back with our feet soaking in these wonderfully rich smelling and warming waters. Wendy then played a short mindfulness piece. It was only five minutes but as busy working mums we all felt as if it was an hour! We then all used a scrub on our feet, followed by lotion and oil; again choosing our favourite smells. My goodness, our feet felt wonderful and almost a week later my feet still feel smooth. Almost flip flop ready if the sun stays out!

Wendy spent time with everyone talking through what they were looking for and recommending products but never pushing anyone to buy; she has such great knowledge. There was only 6 of us but that made it more intimate and meant we could really relax. It was helpful talking amongst ourselves too with Wendy as some of us knew the products and some didn’t so we were able to recommend based on personal experience. For example, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the White Mallow Lotion as it has been the only product to clear up my son’s eczema.

I really enjoyed the evening, especially my feet (!), and my friends were really glad they came and experienced the products first hand. I’m pleased to say some have continued the recommendations, for example, using oil to remove make-up. It’s crazy when you read how many artificial ingredients are in skin care!

I can’t wait to receive my products and of course the added bonus of being the host is the freebies and discounts!

There are many different themed events available, so contact Wendy to find out which one which suit you.'

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