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30th March 2020 
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Wellbeing Consultant in Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Homeobotanical Therapy and Weleda

I first became interested in Complementary Medicine when my eldest child was born and experienced mild eczema symptoms and then suffered from separation anxiety when starting primary school.

As a first time Mum, I felt out of my depth and unsure how to help him. His very mild eczema got worse and never having been a good sleeper, bedtime once again became a battleground and he repeatedly woke in the night. My son responded brilliantly to homeopathic treatment, settled at school and became a happier, less anxious child and I had a back-up plan for when situations threw him off course.

Seeing the positive impact Homeopathy had on my son I, myself, went on to have successful homeopathic treatment for my own IBS and digestive problems. In hindsight, I wish I had known that Homeopathy could have supported me through debilitating morning sickness and chronic indigestion in pregnancy.

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In 2010, I completed a 5 year BSc (Hons) Homeopathy degree course at Thames Valley University which included extensive research on the Homeopathic Treatment of Infant Sleep Problems.

I am fully insured as a member of the Society of Homeopaths. For further information

I have also completed a Foundation and Advanced course in Professional Kinesiology with John Logue College. My interest in Kinesiology was prompted by a particularly challenging case of warts and works well as a separate treatment or in conjunction with Homeopathy.

In 2012, I started working with Weleda and became a fully trained Weleda Wellbeing Advisor. With Weleda I know that I have a product range of skin care, body care, hair care and natural medicines that are made from 100% certified natural ingredients that will compliment the treatment I am offering.

All products, natural medicines and Homeopathic Remedies can be purchased from me locally or via my Weleda Advisor Online Shop see

All three aspect of my practice compliment each other and as a result I have a busy yet varied practice helping women, men, children, babies, pregnant women and the elderly with all sorts of health concerns.

You can follow me on Facebook where I regularly post updates on complimentary medicines and Weleda promotions.

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